• Maintenance & Repair Insurance

M&R Insurance is a non-taxable monthly fee. You may purchase this product for any instrument. For all our rentals, it is a required fee.  M&R Insurance covers any non-abusive damage to your instrument. A Crestwood Music Shop technician will asses the nature of damage and determine whether it is incidental or abusive. You may be charged for repairs at the technician's sole discretion. M&R Insurance payments are not added to your Rent-to Own credits.

Incidental Damage may include, but is not limited to:

  • String Breakage
  • Mechanical Faults (anything that would make the instrument unplayable)
  • Lost or missing parts
  • Separation of seams (including sides & neck)
  • General Wear & Tear (instrument or case)
  • Theft (must provide a police report)
  • Other damaged determined by technician to be incidental

Abusive Damage may include, but is not limited to:

  • Damage from dropping, falling or kicking
  • Intentional scratches or graffiti
  • Neck or headstock breakage
  • Cracking caused by impact, or extreme environments 
  • Loss of instrument
  • Other damaged determined by technician to be abusive

NOTE: Wooden instruments must be kept in a human-friendly environment. Excessive heat, cold and dryness may cause damage to your instrument, and may be determined as abusive.

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Maintenance & Repair Insurance

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