Tammy Shober - piano teacher

  Tammy Shober - piano teacher


     Tammy has 13 years of experience taking piano lessons with a highly sought after teacher in Madison, Wisconsin. During that time she played with her church’s music team, accompanied her state recognized choir, and became an experienced soloist and accompanist. She has experience accompanying singers, choirs, violinists, and bands. She additionally competed in music competitions and took home the highest award for piano in the state of Wisconsin, and accompanied several singers who also received highest awards. She was accepted into the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Music, but after her first year chose to shift her focus to the sciences, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology, followed by attending Northwestern Health Sciences University where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. After a successful career in chiropractic, she sold her practice to become a homemaker and tutor, and she is excited to once again return to her first love, music. 
      Good at forming strong personal connections, and creating fun and challenging opportunities for students to learn and succeed, she looks forward to teaching piano students and passing on her passion for music.