Josh Parker - guitar teacher

Josh holds a Masters degree in Jazz Performance from the University of Louisville, and a Bachelors degree in Jazz Performance from Morehead State University, where he studied under guitarists Craig Wagner (UofL) and Glenn Ginn (MSU). He has been performing primarily jazz music in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, in groups ranging from big bands to solo guitar. He was a performer at the 2016 & 2017 KMEA (Kentucky Music Educators Association) conference, as well as the 2012 JEN (Jazz Education Network) convention. He has been teaching guitar since 2011, and teaches a wide variety of age groups, and skill levels from beginners to advanced players.

His teaching philosophy is: 

"Every student has the potential to be great, however it requires that the student puts the work in. Each student that studies under me will learn good practice habits and technique, as well as learn to possess complete knowledge of the fretboard, the music theory needed to be able to play whatever type of music they wish to play. My goal for my students is for them to have the knowledge to be applicable in any genre of music they wish to play, and ultimately, to gain a love for music and a love for playing musical instruments in the process. "